Anonymous asked:
Hi! just wanted to say that everyting you do is so gorgeous. and I want to give you a huge warm internet-hug :))

that’s really beautiful. Thank you so much bro ♥♥

Anonymous asked:
Wow :) your tumblr is amazing *-*

I’m blushing :”> thank you so much

everydaygreenday asked:
could you do something with arctic monkeys' do i wanna know? :))))

I know it’s rude replying you late but I’ll do this song, just wait for a while, I’ll let you know and tag you in the post. Have a nice day ♥

fallonbvb asked:
I was looking at your pictures you made with the lyrics and music player and I really liked them and though they were really cool and I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to create another 'the pretty reckless' with the lyrics 'I am not afraid I won't burn out in this place my intention is to fade and I will I will' from their song 'house on a hill'. I really love the song and the pictures you create and it would be amazing if you could create it so I can use it as a wallpaper:)

First of all, thank you so much :”>

I would love to do another The Pretty Reckless songs, but “House On A Hill” is not on my “Haunting songs” list. Actually there’s a lot of good songs that’s not on the list, so I’ve planned to make another list, for requests, and since you gave me one, I’ll just finish it as fast as I can and let you know and tag you in the caption, won’t be so long, like, 2 hours later or something

Hey, I couldn’t find the ask button on your blog so I’ll tell you here, I posted your request :D

fidelia915 asked:
Hi, I love ur blog. U r so talented. Please keep doing it. Thanks for sharing all ur work, they are so beautiful .

aw~ it’s you :”>
yes I’m trying to get better, thank you so much :X

undermybrokendreams asked:
Hi, I really like your artworks! You're very talented.

I’m blushing :”> thank you so much >___< ♥♥♥

dandelions-dont-roar asked:
This isn't a question...I just wanted to say I reeeaaaallly like your blog. (Especially the lyric pics.)💕☺️

hehe, thank you so much :”>isn’t it great spreading great songs to the world? :”>