#those Xtina things: When she hits high notes

Happy Birthday, Christina Aguilera

You were and always are my biggest idol of all time. Thank you for being such a wonderful artist who can hit those highest notes, sings those touching songs, supports gay people and inspires me a lot. To be a single like you is the biggest dream I’ve ever made althought I couldn’t do anything to go for it T___T.

I wish you to have the next wonderful year and keep being such a strong woman. I love you.

I redo this because the last one has a little mistake about its size

somebodyofspecial asked:
Hi first of all i want u to know that ur tumblr's amz! I love ur drawings particularly the ones with the songs that's why i'd like to know if u could do Hallelujah by Damien Saez(it's a french song)with the lyrics"La nuit s'allume doucement, et mes yeux s'ouvrent lentement,comme deux bougies dans le vent. Chevauchant mon vélo volant, à toute allure je tue le temps. Et je m'allonge contre un arbre,le temps de couler une larme, puis je reprends le chemin"? And could you submit me the pic before?xx

Hi, I saw your last mail and I thought about you right away. First of all, I’m sorry I might pissed you off for not replying you when I could. 

I can’t do this song because I don’t know French, which means it would be hard for me to write those lines you picked. 

When I searched this song and played it, I didn’t find it a cool track. But you asked me twice to do it, so I think this song is kind of important to your world right now, isn’t it? So I play it one more time, and Jesus, why it always takes me 2 times listening to realize good things in a new song. This happened with Arctic Monkeys’ Do I wanna know either, and it’s been months I was obsessed with that song. I feel like I could feel the same about Darnien Saez’s Hallelujah :D

But still I don’t think I would write those lines. Maybe I will draw something different, or weird. I’ll submit you when I finish it, okay?

*now say “okay!” like we’re the weird couple in “The Fault In Our Stars” lol*